API configuration


Contao DataContainer Array



Take a closer look at the table structure of the tl_pct_customcatalog_api table for a complete list of the fields available by default (reusability) before adding new fields to the table.

DataContainer array



 * Palettes
$GLOBALS['TL_DCA']['tl_pct_customcatalog_api']['palettes']['myApi'] = '{title_legend},type,be_description;{settings_legend},title,description;{backup_legend:hide},backup;{expert_legend},published';

Available subpalette structure

By default the current palettes relate to the tl_pct_customcatalog_api.type selector field (the API selector). CustomCatalog also allows more complex selector-to-palette structures for selector fieds:

  • type
  • mode

Example: Palettes for the Standard API: type="standard", mode="import"

'type_standard_mode_import' => '{title_legend},type,mode,be_description;{settings_legend},title,description;...'

Language files



 * CustomCatalog API translations 
$GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['PCT_CUSTOMCATALOG']['API']['myApi'][0] = 'Meine API';
$GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['PCT_CUSTOMCATALOG']['API']['myApi'][1] = 'Dies ist meine eigene API-Schnittstelle.';

We use php files in this example. Fell free to use transifex files.

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