Test your work

The front end should be your starting point for any custom-build APIs. The CustomCatalog-API-Starter module is the fastest way to develop your code when running your extension because you get direct feedback from your code without having to worry about any Contao back end requirements or additional programming besides your API logic. Once your core logic is developed, you can move on to build a back end execution.

Front end module

Create a new CustomCatalog-API-Starter module record and place the module in an article inside your page structure (just like any other Contao module).

Front end output

Template: mod_customcatalogapi.html5

Switch to the front end and navigate to the page containing the module. The default visible output is just a regular submit button.


Click the submit button to execute the API process.

The API print the following information to the screen:

A backup record has been created by API id=26

Ids might change due to your table autoincrement values

Happy coding...

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